League Format


  • There will be 12 scrabble teams of 5 players and 2 reserves in the inaugural edition
  • The eligible top 10 players in the country will be seeded to avoid having too many strong players in a single team
  • League will run from February to September in 2019 and that will possibly be the standard
  • Each team to register their team name, players and logo with the organisers by deadline date
  • Each team to have at least a female player in the team either as main or reserve player
  • No restriction on where a team member can reside
  • Pre-league briefing with team owners/captains to be organised by MGI
  • League matches to be split over 4 weekends and played in four different locations across the country
  • Teams will be allowed to design their own branded souvenirs and game equipment
  • Dinners for all league team members at the final weekend
  • Games to be live streamed in the final and concluding weekend
  • The league will adopt a point system; WIN – 2pts, DRAW – 1pt, LOSS – 0pt
  • Line-up for each weekend/match day to be submitted 24 hours before start time


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